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The carddecks will be launched on 21 september 2017.

when you buy The Business Sister Carddeck you'll receive

the 48 cards in english
+ wooden box to keep your cards in
+ a book on how-to-use-this-carddeck and the Business Sister Cardspread


A crsytal to keep the energy of the cards clean and help you connect with your intuition and ground yourself.


€34,99 (incl.VAT, excl. shippingcosts)

This carddeck is created to help you start up and build your business from your intuition. To help you connect with your innerwisdom for guidance in your business.

So you can build a business that match your life purpose. Instead of running your business from your mind and ego, create your business by heart and deep inner wisdom.

You don't have to come up with strategic and smart goals, with exellent marketingtechnics. That will nurture your ego, but will ignore your heart.

Take a look inside, what do you desire? What do you hear? Can you hear the wishper of your intuition?

This carddeck will help you connect with your inner wisdom. So you can hear it more clear and create with her your own business.

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