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for the Business Sister Carddeck

                    t h e   b u s i n e s s

              s i s t e r

   c a r d d e c k

A carddeck for entrepreneurs.
Building your business with the wisdom of your intuition and in flow with your true nature.
Release date is in may 2018


Hearing your own wisdom in a world which constantly screams how you should do it, can be hard.

This carddeck helps you to hear your souls voice so you can build a business in your own way, that is unique, like you.




This beautiful carddeck is specialy created for the  entrepreneur who wants to build her business with her inner wisdom as guidance.

The cards helps you to find your own wisdom that is inside you. To hear the wisphers of your intuition, your soul.
To bring your life-purpose into your own business.
To find your way of living life and running your business from your own truth and in flow with your true nature.
Staying true to you, your uniqueness, is where your power is.

The design of the cards is simple and clear. So there is no distraction from the message your souls wants to give to you.
There are cards about social media, selling and networking make this oracle carddeck very powerfull for your business. 
You use this carddeck for insights, focus and guidance in your business.
The cards are designed and created for entrepreneurs, business sisters,  who run or want to start their own business from a place of love, abundance and in flow with their own inner wisdom, soulswisdom of mother earth.

  • 44 cards   


  • a guidebook with indepth spreads for your business and how-to.


  • I am currenlty working on a beautiful wooden box for the cards. In the updates I'll let you know how it will turn out and maybe I even need some advice from you.  Let's stay in touch!



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©All rights reserved. All images on this website and social media of the Business Sister Carddeck from Desirèe Broersma.
The carddeck on the photos is de Dutch version that is released in March 2017. The English version will have the same design, but will not have the wooden box. There will be another beautiful box to keep the cards save and clean. Pictures of that box will follow soon.